All your questions answered…

1. Do you have a brochure?
Yes, you can download our brochure online here or pick up one in store.
2. Do I have to order online?
No, you can order with us in the shop or over the phone 01642 559 191.
3. What is the Christmas order deadline?
Sunday 10th December, however, the earlier you put your order in the better. Some products have limited quantities, and we anticipate we will sell out before this date. We also limited collection slots available, so the earlier you order the better chance you have of choosing a time that you prefer.
4. Why haven’t I received a confirmation of my order?
Please check the email hasn’t gone into you junk folder. If you still cannot find it, please call us on 01642 559 191 and we will resend it.
5. Is there a minimum order value?
Yes, we have a minimum order value of £30 to place an order for Christmas.
Smaller items such as sausages, bacon, gammons etc will be available for collection and do not require a pre order.
6. Can I have my order delivered?
Yes, however we have limited availability for delivery and prioritise these for our elderly & vulnerable customers. Please call 01642 559 191 to discuss our delivery option.
7. Do I need to pay when I place my order?
Yes, we take full prepayment when you place your order. However, we have partnered up with ‘Clear Pay’ who offer an interest free ‘pay in 4 options.

Simply select this option when you are ordering at the checkout. For more information about paying by Clear Pay click here
8. Can I use Blackwells vouchers to pay for my Christmas order?
Yes, however you will need to order in store so that we can process your vouchers.
9. Can I use my loyalty points to pay for my order?
Yes, if you have enough points to use the preset vouchers on our new loyalty app. However, this can only be done in store so you will need to place your order in store.
10. Can I collect points for my Christmas order.
Yes, however points will be added to your account when you collect your order.

1. When can I collect my order?
Our Christmas collection days are the 21st 22nd and 23rd December. For dates outside of the 3 days before Christmas, please collect from the butchers in the shop. If you would like to collect prior to the 21st of December, we can do this for most products but please speak to a member of the team in the shop or over the phone on 01642 559 191 or email
2. Where do I collect my order?
For collections between the 21st & 23rd December, please collect from the shop, a member of the team with greet you and direct you to your collection area.
The collection point is outside so please wrap up and bring umbrellas if the weather is poor.
3. What if I come on a different day or within a different time slot?
We prepack orders and store them together in time slots, if you come too soon your order won’t be ready so we will have to ask you to come back. If you arrive late, we will try locating your order, if it is not collected within a few hours the products may go back out for sale if we cannot get in touch with you.
4. I only want a few pork pies from you for Christmas, can I order them?
Due to space limitations we’re unable to take orders for our pies & pastries, however we will be making and baking throughout all the collection days and these will be available from our shop counter.
5. What time do you stop baking pork pies at Christmas?
We will always have pork pies available throughout the Christmas period however we will stop baking mid-day on 23rd, so please come early if you want to guarantee a specific size.

1. If I want to place one order for Christmas and one for New Year order, how do I do this?
You just need to place two separate orders.
2. Can I order items that are not online or in the brochure?
No, only products on our Christmas order page and within the brochure can be ordered for Christmas. From the 21st of December the shop will have lots of stock, but the range will be limited. If there is something you specifically want, we would recommend you buy throughout December and freeze it.
3. Can I amend my order?
Up to 1st December we can make amendments. Unfortunately, after the 1st December we have ordered items with our suppliers and the order can’t be changed. If you forgot a small item, such as bacon, you could just pick this up in the shop when you collect. If you want to discuss your options, please contact us on 01642 559 191 and we can help.
4. Can I cancel my order?
Cancellations between the 1st & 11th December will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refund available after 12th December.
5. Will the prices change from what is listed in the brochure?
Hopefully not but as we print the brochure in early October, we cannot guarantee this. The prices on the website will always be up to date though.
6. Once I order does that guarantee I will get my products?
Generally, yes, unless there is a very rare circumstance. If this were to happen, we would contact you prior to your order collection.
7. What shelf life will the products have on my Christmas collection?
All products will be dated until at least Boxing Day regardless of what day you collect. Any products ordered for New Year will be dated until at least the 1st of January.
8. How many people will my turkey serve?
We have put our recommended servings in the brochure and within every product on the website. Please be aware this is a recommendation only and it does depend on what else you plan to serve at the same time.
9. Have any of the products been frozen?
Some of our products will have been frozen prior to collection, these are all listed in our brochure or on the product label. This will not affect the quality of the product and we only do this because of the quantity of handmade products we require to meet demand.
10 How do I know what allergens are in the products?
These are listed on each product online and will be printed on the labels. If you want to query anything to do with ingredients or allergens, please call us on 01642 559 191 or email
11. Do I need to store the products in the fridge?
Yes! This is non-negotiable. If you can’t fit everything in the fridge you will need to remove some bottles of wine and condiments! Your turkey does not belong in the garage, cellar or outside.